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Available Dogs - Fall 2019
Priced by private treaty, please complete our Questionnaire to inquire on any of these dogs.

LEMONADE - spayed white/orange female
for a companion-only home

Lemonade is a 5 year old who was started in the field but ran into some gun/bird shyness issues and has not had the time devoted to work her through that, so she is looking for a loving companion home. She is easygoing indoors, more active outdoors and as she does love to run and hunt, should be kept on leash, in a fenced area, or only turned loose in areas large and safe enough for her to explore. Lemonade gets along well with male dogs and easygoing females, but prefers to be the dominant one among the girls. She had her hips cleared with an excellent PennHIP score of .35L .34R (100th percentile).

TJ - liver/white male born 2/18/14
by DC Shadow Attack x Sniksoh Tequila Caliente
for a hunting home

TJ is a 5 year old grandson of NFC/FC/AFC Shambo's Dark Shadow and NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's Joker. He is broke to be steady to wing and shot in the field and will do well for a hunter comfortable with a wider ranging dog. TJ is a high energy dog and not housebroken so he may be best suited to a kennel environment.

VICE - white/liver male born 3/15/17
NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's Joker x DC/AFC Alar's Dirty Dancer
for a hunting/companion and/or competition home

This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a direct offpsring of Hall of Fame NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's Joker. Vice is a very good-natured, bird-loving young dog who has not found the range and drive to compete in our horseback trials, but will make someone an excellent foot hunting and home companion, or possible competitor in foot handled events and/or shows. He does well indoors although would not be considered 100% housebroken, he's close to it and will be an easy dog to live with. Vice does not thrive in a kennel so he's looking for a home where he can be part of the family as well as being able to hunt as much as possible. He gets along well with dogs of all ages and loves to play, there's still plenty of puppy in this guy. Having just turned 2, he is ready to finish training as his new owner prefers for hunting. He has been e-collar conditioned, worked on point and used to a blank pistol but not yet steadied to the flush. Vice has had his hips cleared with an outstanding PennHIP score of .26R/.28L (well into the 100th percentile).

HAGAR - white/liver male born 6/30/18
NAFC/GFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid x Sniksoh Tequila Caliente
for a hunting and/or competition home

Hagar is a moderate size, one year old male who has been started on birds and hunting on foot and from ATV. He shows potential as a field trial prospect and/or a hunter comfortable with a wider ranging dog. Hagar has not been in the house but has shown himself to be an eager, easily trainable dog and we believe he could easily adjust to home life as his new owner prefers.



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